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Social Enterprise

What is social enterprise?

Social entrepreneurship is a term that was created within the last 30 years to describe the process in which social change is facilitated by a non-profit organization through entrepreneurship. There are as many definitions and approaches of this concept, as there are sites. Wikipedia explains a social entrepreneur as someone that: “recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and manage a venture to achieve social change.”

We at the Alaska Consulting Group simply view social entrepreneurship as using a market-based business model to generate income for non-profit organizations.  Earned revenues provide no restrictions on use and supports executive management in their continuous effort to accomplish the organization’s mission. The “for profit” model that we recommend and implement varies greatly with the mission of the non-profit, its stakeholder involvement, its resources and financial goals.


How does the Alaska Consulting Group help?

We recognize that implementing a for-profit enterprise within a not-for-profit entity poses unique challenges. In addition to providing all the necessary business start-up assistance, which includes market research, financial projections, business plan writing and employee training, we continue to work with our client beyond the initial start-up phase to ensure their success.

Our goal is to be an invaluable component of implementing and growing your social enterprise business, not to remain an irreplaceable part of it. Our work includes the planning and execution of a transition strategy with the goal of leaving you with a fully functioning, income generating company.

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Social Enterprise

The process in which social change is facilitated by a non-profit organization through entrepreneurship.

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